HELLO Dear Visitors… I am Sherif Benhawy,

Professional wise, I am a veteran marketer, marketing researcher, and marketing strategist for more than twenty-two years, across multiple fast-moving-consumer-goods categories, across multiple continents. I hold two masters; one of which is a Master of Business Administration at the University of Roehampton, London.

Besides, I am a University Guest Speaker – MBA students, as well as Senior Year undergraduate students – I speak about Marketing and Business Strategy.  

However, passion wise, I am a writer…a published author for three books, so far. I have published two academic books for marketing, social media, and consumer behavior case studies. I, also, am an Academia member, and have contributed with academic papers for marketing and brand management. My work has been cited and referenced in several academic papers. My latest, third book is MINDS IN BATTLE.

Writing has always been my favorite passion… since childhood, in fact, – amongst many other passions, including travel, music, reading, cars, and tennis. However, my first encounter with writing was the French poetry writing – I used to write during classes-, that’s where inspiration had always hit with new ideas. Why French in particular? Because I attended a French college, in Cairo, Egypt, where all subjects were taught in French. And that was where the French language and I had developed a bonding relationship ever since. French was, and still is, my favorite language. Though all my writing is now in English, I still read, and sometimes write, too, in French…but not published, though.   

I really believe that words can change the world… only if they speak to the reader’s mind, and reflect well on the reader’s real life experience. Somehow the readers can find and discover their own selves within the words.

Flick through the pages of my website to discover more. And leave a comment, if you would like.  

The recording of my interview is now on Chat And Spin Radio Website Listen Again page. The interview was on TUESDAY 13TH OCTOBER TUESDAY’S EVENING & LATE SHOW (PART 1). The link below:



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