Sherif Benhawy is a published author. He has been a market research and marketing veteran for an excess of twenty years, with a Master of Business Administration from the University of Roehampton, London. He has published two academic books related to marketing, social media, and consumer behavior case studies, is an Academia member, and has contributed with papers concerning marketing and branding. His works have been cited and referenced in several academic papers. His latest and third book is MINDS IN BATTLE.

Minds in Battle takes the reader on a continuous historical journey of the power struggle between genders—from their youth, to their divorce—, detailing the ways in which the genders are taught to seduce one another, and how they all-too-often mistake infatuation for love. It discusses, empirically, how the choices and decisions made by the genders are biased, being the result of misconceptions, gender stereotypes, cultures, parents, peer-pressure, media outlets, amongst many other factors.

This is an analysis of why we are overconfident; why we are distracted by short-term emotions; why we are self-deceived into thinking our own experiences will be better than others’.

It is only when our decisions and choices turn to chaos that we come to discover how flawed our brains are—and that we are, indeed, no better (or worse!) than others. And yet we unfortunately make the same mistakes, and only through painful experiences do we come to learn the answers to life’s critical questions.     

Because the right decision, at the right moment, can make all the difference.

The recording of my interview is now on Chat And Spin Radio Website Listen Again page. The interview was on TUESDAY 13TH OCTOBER TUESDAY’S EVENING & LATE SHOW (PART 1). The link below:




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