Every story leaves a memory, a smile, a tear, a sorrow, a regret, a lost hope; it fills a part of your heart that you cannot erase ever after. And because nothing is permanent, these stories leave our mind and rest in our souls. Every story leaves in us what could remain forever to playback the stories, even if we don’t feel the same; but we can smile, or cry, and say YES, I lived that story!

And some stories allow themselves to be told and when they decide to be told, they choose the storyteller. My blog is all about sharing stories, memories, insights, and wisdom.

Minds in Battle takes the reader on a continuous historical journey of the power struggle between genders—from their youth, to their divorce—, detailing the ways in which the genders are taught to seduce one another, and how they all-too-often mistake infatuation for love. It discusses, empirically, how the choices and decisions made by the genders are biased, being the result of misconceptions, gender stereotypes, cultures, parents, peer-pressure, media outlets, amongst many other factors.

This is an analysis of why we are overconfident; why we are distracted by short-term emotions; why we are self-deceived into thinking our own experiences will be better than others’.

It is only when our decisions and choices turn to chaos that we come to discover how flawed our brains are—and that we are, indeed, no better (or worse!) than others. And yet we unfortunately make the same mistakes, and only through painful experiences do we come to learn the answers to life’s critical questions.

Because the right decision, at the right moment, can make all the difference.

The recording of my interview is now on Chat And Spin Radio Website Listen Again page. The interview was on TUESDAY 13th of OCTOBER TUESDAY’S EVENING & LATE SHOW (PART 1). The link is:


I licked my wounds for countless years

waited for my confidence to gradually return

I set fire to my blood streaming scars

watched them whilst they hurt and burn

I flew toward the blaze of the farthest falling stars

flung myself into their holocaust,

to the point of no return

I drifted through the darkness of the cloudiest skies

soaked up their blackness and painted my finest art

I drowned myself in Antarctica glacial oceans

frosted my soul and disfigured my heart

I let myself be in so many places

until there weren’t any of me left

And despite all that,

I carried on, like nothing was going wrong

For it was the lyrics of my happiest song

And I bear the entire cost

Of all I’ve deliberately lost

But I had happiness…at least for a while



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Threatened by the unknowable

We stand still frightened

Panicked from the unbearable

Shamefully we stop fighting

Allured by desire we become vulnerable

And the wake-up call leaves us suffering

Obliged to tolerate the unfavourable

We are left alone agonizing

We think we are unbeatable

But life leaves us crawling

We hold others accountable

For our misery and disheartenment

Until we lose faith, moral, and virtue




Homeless hearts wandering the streets

Cold as ice until further notice

And fake love stories played on screens

Convinced the hopeless souls of all bogus

Brainwashed women believed they’re queens

Lustful men act like sexless teens

Manipulation is the game, feelings are bonus

Gender power is a merciless battle

A meaningless fight never to settle

And craving hearts continue bleeding

Screaming for attention

And just one true feeling




Stalking the farthest obscure sky

Watching you rising above the stars

Unchain my wings and let me fly

No one but you to heal my scars

Reach out to me, my soul is dry

Or lift me off to the soaked skies

Hopeless as I may be, but let me try

You’re the antidote to my incurable scars

You rescue me or else I die

Innocent prisoner behind bars

Murdered by an excruciating lie



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